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Q-Programming brings to you free programming education on all devices. It's only one click away

What is Q-Programming?

Q-Programming was started by three high school students during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is a platform for new coders to explore as well as to learn. We believe in providing providing programming education to everyone and therefore have set up an online platform to share the resources our students love. In addition, we conduct affordable live courses for students of all ages.

A word from the developer

This website was created to put Q-Programming's efforts on the internet. All materials on this site have been created with a lot of effort and commitment. We have decided not to create an account system to protect your privacy and make it easier for everyone to learn programming. We request you not to use our materials without permission.

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Our Courses

Q-Programming brings to you free online courses to learn programming

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The Intro to Programming Course provides you with a guide to get started with programming. We cover basic logic building skills and teach you how basic algorithms work through pseudocode and flowcharts.


Our Python Courses cover various topics in Python from the beginning. Currently we have the Introduction to Python course which teaches you the basics of Python through interactive tutorials, quizzes and videos.


The CBSE portion covers chapters in the Class 11 and Class 12 Syllabus with thorough discussions, tutorials and in-depth videos. This page was created to support the popularity of computer science in India and provide everyone with resources to study amidst the pandemic.


Check out our Instagram page @qprogramming for posts like these on your feed!

We create informative infographics and cool tips and tricks for you to explore. Our Instagram page is full of posts which are interesting and easy to apply.

We also have our Python Instagram Series wherein you can learn Python easily through simple posts featuring explanations and code snippets.


Q-Programming has given me a better understanding of python. The mentors were also really helpful and solved many of my doubts. Q-Programming created an environment that was enjoyable as well as educational.

~ Ishaan Kapur

I feel the courses were great as I got to understand so much about programming within three weeks. I had very little experience before this and even the homework and the questions were very interesting. It was a wonderful experience and I would love to join another course if you guys conduct one in the future.

~Pranav Rai

I had been away from the world of computers for quite some time and Q-Programming re-introduced it to me in a fun and amazing way.

~ Irith Chaturvedi

I've done coding classes before, but none of them were like this. It was just perfect.

~ Aryan

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