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Impact on Health

Sammarth Kumar

Devices also have an impact on health. We spend a considerable amount of time on our phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc. and therefore we should be aware of the health risks of prolonged exposure to a screen.

Physcially, our posture must be correct to prevent back injuries and we should keep our screen at a good distance to prevent a strain on our eyes. Mentally, we should not get addicted to the internet and use it as little as possible.

Now, let's talk about ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of the workplace and includes designing furniture and equipment in such a way that while working we have as few health related problems as possible.

Good Ergonomic Practices

  1. Keep your screen at a distance
  2. Maintain proper posture while working
  3. Avoid overusing keyboards or keyboards that are not aligned ergonomically
  4. Give rest to your wrists and fingers
  5. Avoid overusing small screens
  6. Take exercise breaks in between device sessions to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Device Health Tips:

Besides our own health, we should also be aware of our device's health.

  1. Regularly clean devices to remove dust and germs. Use certain solutions which are made for device cleaning. You can read more on our Instagram Page
  2. Wipe screens with microfibre cloths.
  3. Keep devices away from heat and in cool areas.
  4. Don't drink over the keyboard and don't over it as crumbs and liquids that fall onto it may lead to problems later.

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