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This page is dedicated to thanking all the collaborators for their valuable contributions to this project.

Content Creators

The content creators have worked hard on these tutorials to bring to you the best possible experience while learning Python.

  1. Jyotirmay Zamre: Tutorials
  2. Avi Bhattacharya: Tutorials
  3. Arjun Sodhi: Videos
  4. Sammarth Kumar: Tutorials and Videos
  5. Balpreet Juneja: Tutorials and Videos

Quiz Master

The Quiz Master, Kriish Mehta has spent hours creating over 200 practice problems for you to test your skills throughout this course.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designer Nihaara Sawhney has created all the amazing visuals for this course.


The developer, Sammarth Kumar has spent hours compiling tutorials, designing pages and creating algorithms for a better experience while learning Python @ QP.

Special Mentions

These people have made significant contributions to our course, providing us with valuable inputs and experience.

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