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The Team



Sammarth Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO

"Programming is the future and I'm glad to be a part of the community. I started QP with Arjun and Balpreet at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to generate interest in programming among students. I'm proud of the way the organization has transitioned into what it is today and I enjoy leading the team towards further success."



Arjun Sodhi, Co-Founder

"Programming brings the essence of logic to life. I have always enjoyed thinking logically to create intuitions. I simply find these intuitions fascinating. I've been doing programming since 6th grade and my interest has been been getting better since. I really enjoy creating programs for a lot of things which people might use some day..."



Balpreet Juneja, Co-Founder

"Programming to me is a whole different language which I use to talk to the machines, the thrill of translating my thoughts into code is addictive. And when the machine responds, it's the most thrilling sensation ever"



Avi Bhattacharya, Python 3 Specialist and Content Writer

"I was introduced to programming in 9th and I began exploring in depth since 10th. It has sparked great interest in me since it not only allows me to create problems using logic, but also allows me to have fun doing it. I hope to spread the knowledge that I have acquired so that I can inspire others like me to take up programming."



Jyotirmay Zamre, Python 3 Specialist and Content Writer

"I was introduced to programming in 9th grade in my Computer Science class through pseudocode. Though i wasn't particularly interested in pseudocode, i appreciated the logic behind it. Once i started learning python near the end of 10th grade, i really got hooked. I was fascinated by the idea of different libraries that let the user create unique and interesting programs."



Nihaara Sawhney, Graphic Designer

"I started programming very recently but its barely taken me any time to start enjoying it so much! Writing code for problems that we actually face in our daily lives makes me realise the increasing need for people to learn how to code. I hope to learn new things and also contribute to the cause as part of the Q-Programming Team!"

Our Services

Web Resources

Our Web Resources team creates material available on our website including tutorials, quizzes, courses and videos.

Social Media

Our Social Media team creates technical and informative content for Instagram.

Workshops and Live Courses

Our Workshops and Live Courses team conducts live classes throughout the year and mentors students.


Our Events team organizes Q-Programming's events throughout the year.

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